How a Water Softener Can Make A Difference In Your Home

Did you know there was a difference between hard and soft water? Many people don’t know what kind of water they have despite some of the issues hard water comes with. Over time there can be a buildup of minerals with hard water that can cause significant damage to the pipes, fixtures, appliances, and more throughout the house. While you can’t control the type of water coming into the house, you can control how it gets distributed. Here’s how to determine signs you might have hard water and how a water softener can make a huge difference.

Signs you may have hard water:

  • Despite regular cleanings, water spots are on the faucets, handles, etc.
  • Watermarks also appear on your freshly cleaned dishes as well.
  • There’s a buildup of a chalky substance or lime residue.
  • The water smells off or has a weird taste.
  • After a shower, your skin and hair may feel itchy or dry.
  • The water pressure is low.
  • Your appliances that use water need cleaning more often or stop working sooner than they should.
How a Water Softener Can Make A Difference In Your Home

What are the benefits of getting a water softener?

  • Saves You Money: With the buildup of excess minerals making the water too hard, it can cause a lot of issues to the plumbing in your home. With enough minerals, your plumbing, faucets, and appliances can get damaged. Installing a water softener protects your home and extends the life of your plumbing.
  • You Feel Cleaner: Nothing is worse than taking a nice relaxing shower only to feel dry and itchy once you get out. You’ve probably changed around your soap and shampoo a couple of times, but the issue is the water itself. A water softener will give you that fresh clean feeling after each shower.
  • Cleaner Dishes: You can avoid those aggravating watermarks all over your dishes by installing a water softener. The minerals will be broken down and filtered out so your dishes will actually look clean after you in fact clean them.
  • Less Time Cleaning: Whether it’s dishes, laundry, or every yourself, hard water forces you to clean everything a second and even a third time sometimes. Not only will a water softener make cleaning much easier, but you won’t have to use nearly as much water.