Why Water Conditioning is Important?

When you hear someone talking about whether they have hard or soft water in their home they are referring to the water’s mineral content. Water with a very high mineral content is typically called hard water. As hard water runs through pipes these minerals build up over time creating what is known as limescale. Limescale can be quite problematic for almost any application involving piping, holding, or transferring water. With one of the highest levels of hard water in the country, Texas must maintain a highly stable and efficient water treatment industry to keep homes supplied with fresh clean water. The risk of waiting far outweighs the significant reward of having a quality water softening system installed in your home. Due to such high amounts of hard water in our state, waiting can be an expensive nightmare for many homeowners so call Pulliam Plumbing today and get your home supplied with the quality product it needs!

The negative side effects of hard water:

Limescale Build-up

Hard water can produce discolored, unappetizing, scaly, residue in your coffee maker and water pitchers in addition to leaving unsightly stains on tiles and water fixtures. Seeing a gross, scaly, coffee pot, is incentive enough to figure out a more sophisticated water purification solution.

Damaged/Cracked Pipes

As the limescale builds up more and more over time the pipes in your home can clog. This will restrict water flow which can ultimately lead to cracks in pipes, drops in water pressure, and a high water bill for no reason!

leaking copper pipes

Dirty Dishes

Hard water can stain dishes even after being put through the dishwasher. Many see these stains and think the dish is still dirty or it’s the fault of an inefficient dishwasher. Forcing certain homeowners to rewash dishes, replace certain appliances, and ultimately add to the already high water bill.

Tap Water

If you are accustomed to drinking water from a tap, you may notice your new home’s water has a different taste altogether. Very hard water can have quite a foul taste that will need to be purified or not drank at all. 

old water faucet

What Can I Do?

Water Softeners – The best way is to remediate hard water. Period. Through a process called ion exchange, water softeners are designed to create a less mineral-rich, more pure drinking product for your home. How To Tell If You Have Hard Water 
  • Low foam production with soap products
  • Tap water feels slimy on the skin
  • Hair feels brittle after bathing
  • Noticing unusually dry skin. 
Soft Water – Will show less spotting and staining on your fixtures. It also helps accumulate less soap scum, so cleaning your bathrooms and sinks will be no sweat! In the Boerne area, there is no better choice for your water softening installation and services. Pulliam Plumbing has the answers and the solutions for every plumbing and water treatment situation. We know our state deals with abnormally hard water, so do yourself a favor and call us. We will make sure you are satisfied with the process from beginning to end.