Is Your Water Heater Inefficient?

Water heaters are so necessary for day-to-day life but are often taken for granted. Because they only have one main function, and because it’s usually hidden away, people forget that it needs regular maintenance to continue working correctly. Try thinking about the last time you had your water heater looked over. It’s probably been a while right? Here are a few signs that your water heater is not working at its full potential.

Small Issues Get Worse:

Usually, water heaters don’t just break one day. There are small signs that something is going wrong. Not recognizing or putting off small issues can quickly grow into a bigger problem that could cost a substantial amount of money to repair.

High Energy Costs:

If the water heater is having issues it will have to work even harder to compensate. This means it will be working longer than it should. This could increase not only the water bill but the energy bill as well.

inefficient water heater

Water Leaks:

Several smaller pipes attach to the main pipe of the water heater. This gives it access to the bathrooms, kitchen, and other faucets that might be in the house. Any one of these pipes could develop a leak. If that happens the water heater might have to work harder because the water isn’t filling the tank correctly.

Gas Leaks:

While gas water heaters are efficient, they do become a risk if there’s a gas leak. The gas can be extremely dangerous and turn into a fire hazard very quickly. If you suspect there’s an issue, you need to get it checked as soon as possible.

Electrical Shorts:

On the other hand, electric water heaters have a fire hazard as well. If there’s a short or a spark in the circuitry can damage the water heater or cause a fire.

Water heaters are designed to work as efficiently as possible as long as they’re regularly maintained. Don’t wait to get your water heater checked out. Contact us at Pulliam Plumbing today!