Is It Time To Clean The Drains?

Have you noticed your drains struggling? Has it always been a little slow to drain or is it a new problem? No matter what you do, nothing seems to help get the water to go down quickly. Maybe it clears up when you use a drain cleaning agent, only to get clogged again shortly thereafter. There are several reasons why your drain could be acting up and not properly flowing. Unfortunately, something more serious might be going on with your drains and it’s time to give us a call at Pulliam Plumbing. Here are a few reasons it’s time to get your drain cleaned out.

Slow Draining:

Whether the drain has always moved slowly or it’s a new problem, chances are it’s a bigger issue than you might think. Even if you’re very diligent about cleaning up, there’s always going to be some bits that go down the drain. It doesn’t matter if it’s hair, soap, grease, or other culprits. Generally, if it’s slow now it’s only going to get worse; which could lead to bigger plumbing issues.

Is It Time To Clean The Drains?
plumber using a snake in a sink drain

An Odd Smell:

Do you find an odd smell near your sink or drain? If it’s coming directly from your drain it might be a couple of things. If it’s in the kitchen sink, there could be food, grease, and other build up stuck in the pipe. There’s be enough space for water to get past, but ultimately you should take time to clean out your drain before it turns into a more detrimental situation. If it’s coming from the bathroom drains, most of the time it means that waste or sewer gasses are stuck in the drain. Both instances should be dealt with as soon as possible by a professional plumber at Pulliam Plumbing.

Frequent Clogs Occur:

Does it seem like you’re constantly unclogging the drain or the toilet? Unfortunately, those are temporary solutions and they’re covering up a bigger problem in the plumbing system. This needs further investigation that an experienced plumber can help you with.

A Gurgling Sound:

Has your drain or toilet been “talking back” to you whenever you use it? No, it’s not a creature living in the plumbing. That gurgling means whatever is clogged is allowing air to get into the plumbing.

Multiple Clogs:

One clogged drain is aggravating enough, but when you have multiple clogged drains it can seem overwhelming. If this is the case, you’ll need to call a professional plumber like Pulliam Plumbing. You have a much bigger issue that needs expert advice.

plunger in a toilet